Quality Assurance Program

We design and manufacture products and provide services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality requirements.

To achieve these objectives it is the policy of Staticon to maintain an effective quality assurance program which supports our quality manufacturing and testing procedures. We practice our quality assurance program in every facet / department of our operation. This is achieved by constant supervision of the work in process, control of the documentation and quality inspection and testing procedures.

We strive to maintain the entrepreneurial flexibility to be a systems integrator and execute quality design improvements in our products.

In our structured, modular approach to quality, in-process inspections and tests lead up to the final inspection and testing applied to all completed equipment and systems in the main test lab. It is here, in accordance with section 8.0 (Final Equipment Inspection & Testing) of our QA manual, where we practice the ultimately critical functions that ensure a product high in quality, performance and reliability.

Our quality assurance program as outlined in our manual is in accordance with the practices of the CSA N299.4 QA program.

The program outlined in our manual and the associated procedures are designed to ensure that our customer quality assurance requirements are recognized and that adequate control of their project quality is maintained. Methods are employed to ensure prompt detection of discrepancies and provide for positive, timely and effective corrective action in all areas of purchase contract performance.

It is a time-proven fact that Staticon’s pre-order applications engineering is an indispensable prerequisite to providing optimum, long-term power systems solutions.
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QA Manual

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