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Single Cell Chargers

Single Cell Chargers

Staticon single cell chargers are used for battery cell maintenance in mining and other electric vehicle applications. These small portable chargers are available in a lead acid battery 200-400 Ah capacity. They feature 3 charge timer settings. Single cell chargers are natural convection cooled and CSA certified.

Ah Capacity
DC Output AC


200-400 1 2 Small

Reliability by Design

  • Robust industrial duty
  • Electronic + Magnetic V regulation
  • One electronic, failsafe control module
  • Transformer isolation, DC breaker protection
  • AC input breaker
  • Soft-switching, low noise, well filtered

Optimum Battery Charging

  • For flooded or sealed batteries
  • Constant V charging (adjustable)
  • Low battery charging temperature
  • Reduced battery water consumption

User Friendly

  • Simple, no special training
  • Automatic charge timer
  • Easy to carry
  • Front access for service

Environment Friendly

  • Soft-walk-in AC startup
  • Energy efficient (85 - 95%)
  • CSA / UL EMI compliant
  • Quiet, convection cooling (no fans)

Versatile Options

  • 50 Hz AC Input Voltages
  • Tropical / Humidity Proofing
  • 2 year comprehensive warranty
  • 5 year major component warranty
  • 10 year parts availability
  • 25 year design life