DC Station Power

StatiVolt ® Rectifiers integrated with batteries and distribution devices provide turnkey, DC power equipment. Solutions built for your project requirements.

Essential Station DC Power

  • DC Power for:
    • Generating stations
    • Substations
    • Renewable energy sites
    • Co-generation plants
    • Municipal works
    • Pipelines
    • Resource industries
    • Industrial plants

Station DC power system play an ever-increasing role to provide AC-DC conversion and backup power for critical DC powered equipment whose availability is essential should a loss of AC power occur.

Hydro Electric Dam Sub Station


Staticon supplies industrial station rectifiers and DC power systems to power generation and transmission utilities, pipelines, petrochemical producers and resource industries.

Station DC Power Applications

  • Station DC Applications:
    • Switchgear
    • Safety devices
    • Control systems
    • Logic controllers
    • Instrumentation
    • Alarms
    • Emergency lights
    • Fire suppression
    • Inverters

Durability and serviceability are prerequisites for successful industrial applications. Most DC station power systems are ungrounded at a nominal 250, 125, 48, 24 or 12 V.

Pumb Mill Control Room

They operate at two selectable voltages: a float voltage to maintain charged batteries, and an equalize voltage to charge batteries.

StatiVolt ® Station Rectifiers (Chargers)

  • StatiVolt ® Rectifier Features:
    • Full-wave rectification
    • Overload current limiting
    • Input / output breakers
    • Transformer isolation
    • Short-circuit proof
    • Fail-safe operation
    • Low ripple / noise
    • Natural convection cooled
    • Versatile functions & options

StatiVolt ® station rectifiers are fully line and load regulated via a fail-safe, closed-loop control thereby providing accurate, constant voltage battery charging and load power.

DC Station Power Rectifier DC Station Power Rectifiers

A choice of float-charge functions ensures compatibility with any chosen lead acid or nickel cadmium battery. Output filtering ensures low ripple even when used without batteries.