Motive Power

Staticon electric vehicle battery chargers are the most functionally advanced, durable, field serviceable and proven of their type.

Solid-state, Staticon chargers have no mechanical meters, timers, contactors, fans or relays and are the ultimate in reliability.

Staticon chargers use up to 40% less power than other chargers and provide up to 60% savings in ventilation and air conditioning.


Motive Power Battery Chargers

Industrial motive power batteries constitute a large industry for which Staticon has produced over 30,000 chargers since 1964.

Staticon manufactures motive power battery chargers for three primary markets:


Plant Truck Chargers

  • Optimum Battery Treatment
    • Flooded or sealed batteries
    • Constant I high charge
    • Constant V finish charge
    • Low battery charging temp.
    • Battery V monitoring
    • Battery V sensing
    • Reduced water consumption
    • Auto charge after AC outage
    • Maximum battery life

Chargers for lift and pallet trucks, shelf loaders, sweepers, personnel carriers, in-plant ambulances and fire trucks are available in 6 to 40 cell units and 100 to 2,000 AH capacities.

Plant Truck Plant Truck Charger

Mine Vehicle Chargers

  • User Friendly
    • Simple – no special training
    • Automatic battery charging
    • No adjustments required
    • No switches, buttons or keys
    • Friendly diagnostic display
    • Twin flex DC cables
    • Fuse or breaker protection

Heavy duty mine vehicle chargers are for battery powered mining applications from payload haulage to movement of supplies and personnel. Choices are from 25 to 120 cell units in 300 to 1,500 AH capacities.

Mine Vehicle Mine Vehicle Charger

Guided Vehicle Chargers

  • Environment Friendly
    • Energy efficient (85-95%)
    • Inherently soft-starting
    • Low AC input harmonics
    • CSA / UL EMI compliant
    • Convection cooled – no fans
    • Stackable cabinets

Automobile and other manufactures using automatic guided vehicle (AGV) assembly and handling systems use Staticon AGV chargers in 6 to 24 cell, 350 to 1,500 AH capacities.

Guided Vehicle Guided Vehicle Charger