Applications & Design

The Staticon product design life is 25+ years

A harmony of applications engineering, modular systems solutions, reliability and design standards ensures customer power availability and commands a minimum of field service. Many Staticon units of equipment have been in operation for 30 years.

Experienced Applications Engineering

Experienced Applications Engineer

Thorough applications engineering is essential in providing power systems solutions.

Staticon sales and applications engineers are well versed in a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial power applications and projects.

Applications assessments include specification interpretation, equipment selection and capacity sizing, cost estimating, bid preparation and freight logistics.

Systems Solutions – Solutions by Design

Systems Solutions

System solutions are single vendor solutions supported by a comprehensive warranty and service policy.

Staticon’s customers do not buy products … they buy solutions to their power problems! Many possible configurations of standard power modules offer optimum power systems solutions to meet specific project requirements.

Complete single or redundant systems with any sealed or flooded battery fulfill present and future customer power requirements

Reliability by Design

Reliability by Design

At Staticon , reliability is a discipline starting with products design through to applications engineering and sales.

Power availability and equipment reliability are synonymous. Magnetic components are vital to Staticon power units of equipment. A few well-designed magnetics offer much greater reliability than an array of complex electronics. Electronic sensing and control circuits are failsafe.

Staticon products are natural convection cooled and do not need fans or temperature monitoring.

Consistent Design Standards

All Staticon products are CSA certified.

Design standards are the key to successful systems building and versatile power solutions. In-house design standards maximize compatibility within and between product groups and between old and new products. Staticon unit products and product systems are CSA certified and generally designed to EEMAC, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards.