Manufacturing & Testing

Staticon has a unique capability to cost-effectively produce a substantial variety of quality power equipment on a build-to-order basis.

Success is due to traditional manufacturing practices and smart out-sourcing (with dedication to quality and workmanship) coupled with the entrepreneurial dynamics to implement new designs.

All final unit and systems manufacturing and testing are accomplished in-house thus enabling complete design and quality assurance as well as systems design flexibility.

Decades of experience guide our choices of technology and methods used.

Magnetics Magnetics

Silicon steel and ferrite core assembly, coil winding, impregnation and testing processes furnish all transformer, inductor and reactor components.

In-house, dry magnetic production capabilities give Staticon a unique competitive advantage.

Electronics Electronics

Control modules, voltage regulators, oscillators, commutation modules, transfer electronics, sensing circuits, alarms, digital meters, supervisory modules and power semiconductor assemblies are fabricated and tested before being integrated in the final product assembly.

Cabinets Cabinets

Power module and system cabinets are completely designed in-house and out-sourced. They are manufactured using heavy gage steel and welded construction.

Powder-coated, baked enamel finishes are standard as are appropriate mounting and lifting provisions.

Assembly Assembly

Modular product designs bear the advantages of short assembly times and assembly versatility.

These attributes are necessary to meet the demands of today’s market of fast-tracked projects while keeping costs to a minimum and quality to a maximum.

Testing Testing

Every finished power unit and system is fully checked and performance tested in-house prior to shipment.
Test results are fully documented in equipment manuals.

Equipment inspection and performance test witnessing are every customer’s privilege if they so choose.