AC Station Power

StatiVolt ® UPS Systems" UPS systems include rectifiers, batteries, inverters and transfer systems to provide turnkey, AC power system solutions built for your site needs.

Essential Station AC Power

  • AC Power for:
    • Generating stations
    • Substations
    • Renewable energy sites
    • Co-generation plants
    • Municipal works
    • Pipelines
    • Post-disaster facilities
    • Industrial plants
    • Resource industries

Power outages are fatal to many industries and service. Utility power is increasingly unreliable and detrimentally affected by disturbance-producing loads.

Plant Turbines

Power quality requirements are increasing with the proliferation of sensitive computer, telecom, and automation equipment. StatiVolt ® AC UPS and Inverter systems are the ultimate AC power quality solutions.


Station AC Power Applications

  • Stativolt ® AC UPS & Inverter Features:
    • True sine wave AC power
    • CSA approved systems
    • Overload current limiting
    • Transformer isolation
    • Input / output breakers
    • Fail-safe operation
    • Soft switching, low noise
    • Natural convection cooled
    • Versatile functions & options

UPS systems supply uninterruptible AC power to critical loads. Systems employ various parallel, line redundant or standby configurations depending on reliability requirements.

Control Room Control Room

UPS reliability is greatly enhanced by UPS equipment simplicity and redundancy. StatiVolt ® UPS systems facilitate future expansion and are easily maintained.

True sinusoidal power with low distortion is guaranteed for all Staticon inverter and line conditioner modules.


Stativolt AC UPS & Inverter Systems

StatiVolt ® UPS StatiVolt ® UPS

Stativolt ® UPS systems are engineered to provide no-break, sinusoidal AC power in any 60 Hz or 50 Hz and 1 or 3 phase voltage.

Systems accommodate all battery technologies.

Low DC operating voltages at standard 48, 120 and 240 V enhance system reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety. Modular designs feature full access and upgradeability.


Statiac ® AC Line Conditioners

  • Statiac ® Line Conditioner Features:
    • True sine wave AC power
    • CSA approved
    • Overload current limiting
    • Fail-safe operation
    • Natural convection cooled
    • Optional transformer
    • Breaker & bypass options


Statiac ® AC line conditioners provide regulated, filtered and conditioned power to those sensitive loads not requiring power outage protection.

Line conditioner designs are based on tuned ferro-resonant circuitry comprising energy storage components and a minimum of electronics.