DC Telecom Power

StatiVolt ® telecom power systems include rectifiers, batteries, supervisory and distribution devices to provide turnkey, DC power system solutions built for your site requirements.

Essential Telecom DC Power

  • DC Power for:
    • Central offices
    • Switching centers
    • Microwave sites
    • Trans-ocean cable stations
    • Satellite earth stations
    • Cell and radio sites

Telecom DC power systems provide uninterruptible DC power for telecommunication networks and equipment.

Telecom DC Power Telecom DC Power

Staticon pioneered the design and application of integrated, high DC power systems in operation at major Canadian switching centers, satellite earth stations and trans-ocean cable stations.


Telecom DC Power Applications

  • Optimum Power Solutions
    Staticon systems of:

    • Rectifiers;
    • Supervisory modules;
    • DC-DC converters and;
    • Distribution

offer optimum power solutions with provisions for future expansion.

Telecom DC power systems supply continuous DC power, usually at a grounded 48, 24 or 12 V to communications switching, receiving and transmission systems.

Telecom DC Power Systems Telecom DC Power Systems

Such telecom DC power systems are either of the large central or small distributed types with power and reliability requirements accordingly.


StatiVolt ® Telecom Rectifiers & DC Converters

  • StatiVolt ® Telecom Rectifier Features:
    • Full-wave rectification
    • Overload current limiting
    • Input / output breakers
    • Transformer isolation
    • Short-circuit proof
    • Fail-safe operation
    • Low noise
    • Natural convection cooled
    • Versatile functions & options

Staticon Rectifiers and DC-DC converters provide excellent, fail-safe voltage regulation. Power modules are inherently soft-starting and load sharing. Electrical noise and EMI are well below standard conducted and radiated noise limits.

Telecom DC Power Rectifiers Telecom DC Power Rectifiers

Constant-voltage float / charge functions operate with any chosen battery technology. Rectifiers feature redundant silicon diode rectification. DC-DC converters feature switch-mode technology.